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Watch your inner landscape unfold in brilliant colors while discovering your Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Spirits and Soul Mates as Sofanya paints your Essence through your unique color patterns. Your Essence Portrait begins with a short Meditation in which I perceive your Colors. The inks appear to burst onto the moistened paper, flowing and mingling to create beautiful and interesting color patterns. After blowing your "Breath of Life" into the wet inks, I paint your likeness into the brilliant dance of Colors. As we engage in this process, other images appear in the patterns: animals, birds, trees, maps, symbols, faces, music and others. These often reveal pertinent lessons, guidance and information. After completing the portrait, we explore and interpret the significance of the colors, images and patterns. Many people continue to notice more and more imagery as time passes and experiences reveal them. Let us play together in the realm of Beautiful Colors!

You are like a Flower...and the thoughts that come to you are like petals of power...and rays of sunshine illuminating the inner strenght and persona power you carry. You live in a passionate place with visions to communicate to the world.

..He communicates from a place of Light and Love and she receives this love and in a way that enables her to manifest her gifts and Visions into the world. They are connected through their strong communication. He has a very large, important spirit guide who looks out for him...

Here is the "Guided Interpretation" for the Essence Portrait that you requested.

Your face is primarily in the green color which represents the "Heart Chakra". It can mean that you operate from your heart, emotion and healing...can also mean that you have some healing abilities. As you heal your Self you can help others along the way as well. There are some interesting images around you. Two Spirit Guides above you, one looking up and Praying into the doorway to pure Spirit (white coming through the doorway with a pink bird flying out.) I would say that this could mean a new passageway or opportunity for you that will be coming from a sacred and pure place. These two spirit guides are green and help you in ways related to your heart and emotions. The one facing towards Daniella looks like an older, possibly Asian bearded wise man. Beside your right eye (as if you are looking out from the painting) is a turtle...this represents Mother Earth and through your vision manifested into the world you can help Humanity to love and protect her. You have a Heart in blue with spirit sending a beam of Light from your mouth area....You can have the capability to speak love and truth into the world....and a blue eagle on the side of your mouth indicates your ability to speak from a higher perspective. An eagle flies high and can see the "bigger picture". There is a beautiful flower to your right....feels like a gift of beauty, nature, growth, love....that you are giving towards Pamela. It is in the violet color which represents the third eye area or "sixth chakra"....intuition...and being in touch with Light, Spirit...so you share this gift with her. You show your masculinity and are very much a man but you also are balanced with your "feminine side" as far as loving and intuition, nurturing. Also between you is the Universe, unlimited possiblities, and the moon which is emotion. Also maybe you and Pamela can arrange to be aware of full moon times as a time to meditate and connect with each other strongly. She is in mostly the blue color which represents the "throat chakra" and is about communication and self expresssion. She is very capable of clear communication! She also has some of the violet and pure white above her, indicating her ability to receive information clearly and spiritually.

To her right is a bird, manifesting and leading the way with her energy and expression into the world with a high perspective....also with a practicality and a passion. She also has a male spirit guide looking out for her in the world and another one in yellows with a feather...a native shaman guide to help her with self empowerment.....this is a part of her transformation and connected to the butterfly. Below her is a huge butterfly, mostly in purples. I feel that this means a big transformation spiritually either now or very soon. The butterfly transforms from the caterpillar and becomes a butterfly to celebrate life! I know that with your artistic eye you will know how to derive more and more imagery and information from this portrait as you gaze into it and as time and experiences reveal them. I hope that you will enjoy it...and your precious Life. Thank you for your letters and for your interest in my artwork. You are very talented yourself and I liked your drawings. I hope and Pray that your Life is filled with Gratitude, Joy and Love.....Sofanya

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